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The lightning-record-edit-form component requires you to specify the object-api-name attribute to establish the relationship between a record and an object. The object API name must be appropriate for the use of the component. For example, if you include lightning-record-edit-form on a record page for an account, set object-api-name="Account ....

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The record to edit, which is often connected to the Selected property of the Gallery control. That way, you can select a record in the Gallery control, show it in the details screen, and edit it in the Edit and Create screen. To add an Edit form control: Add a screen, add an Edit form control, and then set the form's DataSource property to 'Ice..

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1) Open the PowerApp in question in Edit mode 2) Click on "App" from the navigation menu on the left of the screen 3) Select the function "OnStart" form the dropdown menu on the left 4) Enter the following into the load box: Set (firstRun, true). . Powerapps navigate screen with parameters To do that we have many ways. Way-1..