One of our favorite foods among the cooking light staff is sweet potatoes healthy and bright thanks to the high dose of vitamins they contain sweet potatoes are a go to instead of their starchy white cousins sweet potatoes so incredibly easy to prep ahead just wrap in foil and bake that you can almost set them up and forget about them.

Potato salad ingredients alright let rsquo s talk ingredients to make this southern potato salad recipe you will need potatoes i prefer buttery yukon gold potatoes for this recipe but russets or red potatoes would also work well too feel free to peel your potatoes if you do not like the skins but i always leave them in because i like the extra texture that they add.

The best potato salad everyone is always raving about how good this recipe is everyone is always raving about how good this recipe is it rsquo s a lot like the potato salad you had as a kid but even better and with less calories thanks to the light mayo.

To serve as a salad add the prepared couscous to a large bowl and allow to cool add in all of the veggies and chickpeas add in some feta cheese freshly squeezed lemon salt and pepper to taste and the dressing only dress what you will enjoy as this salad doesnt sit well for a long time with the dressing on it.

This easy kale salad makes an ideal side dish light lunch or add some extra protein to it for an even more substantial dish you will love this kale and sweet potato salad because it is simple to prepare and unlike many salads can be made in advance.

Japanese potato salad is a home cooking staple dish in japan slightly different from the us versions the potatoes are roughly mashed and combined with all sorts of colorful ingredients and then seasoned with japanese mayonnaise and sometimes rice vinegar if you have an instant pot you can also prepare the potato salad following this recipe.