Lamb souvlaki 900 gm ndash 1kg lamb leg meat cut into small cubes 60 ml frac14 cup olive oil 2 ndash 3 tbs fresh lemon juice approx 1 lemon 2 garlic cloves crushed 1 tsp dried oregano 1 tsp dried or fresh thyme frac12 tsp smoked paprika frac12 tsp cumin 2 small red onions sliced salt and pepper 8 wooden skewers to cook pita 1 cup warm water.

I wanted to make lamb souvlaki rsquo s and wondered if i would use the same marinade as your recipe for chicken souvlaki rsquo s or do you have a different marinade for lamb thank you leslie hughes reply suzy says september 07 2021 at 4 16 pm hi leslie you can absolutely use this recipe with lamb enjoy.

Seasoned and marinated pork tenderloin is grilled on skewers for this flavorful greek inspired souvlaki dish thats a breeze to prepare seasoned bits of pork or lamb are allowed to season in a mediterranean marinade for as long as you can stand it wonderful with rice and a cucumber and tomato salad.

This restaurant quality lamb gyro recipe are so easy to make anyone can enjoy them from the comfort of home lamb meat is thin sliced and layered in pita bread with homemade tzatziki sauce and loaded with fresh vegetables this easy gyro recipe is a delicious and filling lunch idea to round out your meal try pairing the gyros with a greek quinoa salad or hellip.

The lamb souvlaki was tender and well seasoned the pita had a nice olive oil spread with salt and pepper was a little bit thin for my liking but still tasted great fries were fantastic and nice that it included a nice fresh salad to balance out the strong tastes.

The general rule for brining a leg of lamb is the following 1 2 pounds of lamb 2 hours minimum in the fridge 2 4 pounds of lamb 3 4 hours minimum in the fridge prior to cooking the leg of lamb take it out so it can reach room temperature to learn more about brining just check out my ultimate guide to brining chicken.

Greek lamb marinade when i first posted this recipe the lamb was not marinated simply seasoned and cooked if you have time however then marinating the lamb overnight will add flavour to your kleftiko recipe you can also use hellip.